Welcome to D&R Pipe Fab Plus.

D&R Pipe Fabrication offers top quality industrial piping that has been designed to withstand the rigors of industrial requirements. D&R offers fabrication of a wide range of different carbon and alloy steel to industrial clients on a national and international basis.

Our commitment is to absolute quality and timely delivery of your required industrial level products. D&R not only offers the products themselves, but the documentation required by many industries and governments. We provide documentation and traceability of all welding procedures as well as qualification of procedures and welders, weld mapping, NDE Reports and mill test reports.

We also offer hydro test results and reports along with stress relief certificates. D&R Pipe Fab Plus is a full service pipe fabrication and testing service that provides carbon and alloy piping to be used in chemical, refining, oil fields and power industries.

We are an industry leader in pipe fabrication in Texas. D&R offers innovative and unique methods of fabrication that are designed to ensure accurate ratings and timely delivery of our products to our customers.

For more information on our products and services or our customized packages, please contact D&R Pipe Fab Plus.