Specialty Welding

StainlessWe have the tools and ability to custom-make piping for a wide variety of customized specialized piping-industry services. Our company has fabricated industrial pipe and process pipe for dozens of industry leaders in the Energy Industry.

Our process gas pipe fabrication company offers quality metal pipe fabrication and welding services in both automatic and semi-automatic welding methods. Documentation of welding is standard in our databook. We specialize in welding methodologies for the oil and gas industry as well as cryogenic and gas processing plants.

D&R Pipe Fab Plus offers you experts in their field and top quality welding for any industrial project. We are expert pipe welders and fabricators, bringing with us a level of experience that will give you the kind of work that you want to give you innovative and creative ideas for your welding and pipe fabrication projects. We have a broad array of experience in a variety of different materials. This means that we can give you the kind of weld that you need on materials such as carbon and stainless steel high alloy materials, chrome, titanium, and nickel.

In addition, D&R can offer other services such as pipe support fabrication.

We also provide hydrotesting and all documentation that you may need to receive for any project that we undertake for your company.

Rapid turnaround or emergency services are available for some projects. We can also provide short notice projects. Our welds are quality and our turnaround time is excellent. If you’re in need of quality pipe fabrication and welding and you’re short on time, call D&R Pipe Fab Plus today.