About Us

3sIn cooperation with the Union Texas Petroleum Project, the D&R Pipe Fab Plus began operations in 1996 with a project requiring very specific and very rigid instructions and specifications. There was, additionally, a demand for a superior product and craftsmanship that was second to none.

D&R met the required delivery date with ease and in so doing demonstrated their ability to meet the delivery dates that were required by pipeline and petroleum industries customers.

While remaining a small company with a focus on individualized and superior customer service, D&R Pipe Fab Plus has the ability to meet the needs of big industry in piping and repair. Creatively addressing the needs of the customer in all types of products, the specialties of D&R Pipe Fab Plus are pipe fabrication, skid packages, and specialty welding.

The attention to detail and the creativity that is displayed by the company has been what has caught and held the attention of business and industry who find us well able–despite our smaller size–to efficiently respond to the needs of oil and gas producers in the area.

D&R has consistently demonstrated expertise in looking at a project and determining the most efficient and aesthetically appealing approach to its timely and cost effective completion. The president of the company, DeWayne Lanier brings more than 35 years of experience in pipe fabrication and specialty welding to your project. He continues to personally oversee all D&R projects to assure each reflects the company’s focus and expertise.

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